Thursday, April 10, 2014

Surprise! Number 4 is on the way!

April 9, 2014, we got a big surprise!

I knew right away that I was pregnant...before I could get a positive test. However, I was anxious so I tried to test at 9dpo and 10dpo and got negatives. Finally, on 11dpo I got a faint positive. I had gotten my first positive at 11dpo with all of my pregnancies!

Baby number four certainly came as a surprise! We are a little scared, but also very happy. We always wanted to have four kids, just not quite yet. However, this little guy or girl has other plans! My husband, Valon, and I are both 30 and our three kids are DS age 5, DD age 4, and DD age 2. We are in the beginning process of building a home and wanted to wait until we were settled in the new house until we expanded the fam! Oh well! :)

Here, I will outline all of my very early pregnancy signs (I recognized many from my previous pregnancies). Many people may say it's too early to feel any signs, but I believe everyone is different. I know my body very well and here is what I noticed:

2-3dpo - light cramping (I never get abdominal cramps, unless I'm pregnant. Not even during my period.)
5dpo - dizzy in the morning, slight low back pain, metallic taste in my mouth
6dpo - thirsty, light cramping, slight headache in morning, metallic taste in my mouth
7dpo - thirsty, metallic taste in my mouth
10dpo - thirsty, full feeling in tummy, light nausea in morning, tired, leg cramps, slightly sore/full boobs, cannot sleep at night, light headache in morning, light cramps at night, feeling like I have to poop often
11dpo - wake up with light headache, slightly sore boobs, thirsty, light breakout, burping, possibly blurred vision, slight abdominal cramps at night.

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